Thursday, March 23, 2006

Running with Running labs Run

A bit mouthful on this post title.....anyway, i ran today...actually wanted to wake up early for sunrise run but this morning was as wet as i ditched the idea and pray that i can leave on time....managed to finish my work until i really carry on whn 6pm came, i sneaked out right after my boss leave and dash to Running Labs at Funan.... I actually reached quite early and saw IMD chatting...slowly, Tekko, sportventure, the VRP gals and a few others arrived....we started just by Singapore riverside beside Hill St...going towards esplanade then aong Kallang river till the end at Kallang/Geyllang Road beside Furniture Mall and U-turn back. Total distance covered is about 10km. I was running very slowly and chatting with Tekko for the first about 2km until he went for toilet break. My hamstring still feeling tight from monday intervals....after Tekko left me, i started to pickup and make a chase towards the front runners and stay in pace with them....right after kallang sea sports club....we are left with IMD, Chris and myself chatting and pushing away...i was pushing quite fast for 2.5km before i reach the U-turn point...then we saw Buck Hai following behind... I started to feel the strain of no i never run a 10km without throat started to get irritated and i was spitting all the way to the end....The 5km back was maintained at a steady speed but was a tempo run for me definitely...Chris was talking all the way with IMD and i started to maintain silent for the last 2km.... Finally finished at a good time and join the rest for dinner after a good run... Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Distance: 10km Time taken: 55:22min Pace: 5:32min/km Lap: 2.6km for 15:54min@6:07min/km 2.4km for 12:22min@5:09min/km 5.0km for 27:05min@5:25min/km


IMD said...

hey Taz, great to see u at the run yesterday! hope ur throat is getting better.. take care & c ya around.

T@z said...

thanks for dropping by IMD....thanks for the good run...will try to be down if i free again


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