Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Came across this interesting and important article from Dr.Romanov's training advice in POSE Method....which i feel is one of the more difficult hurdles to cross for anyone to improve their running to have the determination to change those bad habits to new good ones.....but sometimes...the problem is, we are unable to identify where our habits are right or wrong....we can only tell if the body is feeling good or not which may be correct or is where a good coach, a training group or a training kakis will comes in help identifying what you cannot see by yourself.... Read on....... GOOD AND BAD HABITS IN RUNNING Old habits die hard. - Proverb Men's natures are alike; it is their habits that carry them far apart. - Confucious Habit is "a tendency to act in a certain way or to do a certain things; usual way of acting" as it described in Thorndike-Barnhart Student Dictionary (Harper Collins Publishers, 1992, p.496). Our habits are part of our life, influencing our lives to an extreme level in the good and bad direction. We fall into the habit of doing things not because they are good for us, but because we or somebody else got us into the habit of doing it. We walk the same street, to the same supermarket, to the same movie theater etc. Perhaps it may not be the best way to go to not so great supermarket or movie theater, but we like it, because it is familiar to us. The new supermarket and new movie theater are a bit further than the old ones and therefore a bit more inconvenient. So we are not changing our old routes......Read Full Article here like what we often said: " a leopard canot change its spot, a zebra cannot change its stripes" Run on.....

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