Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunrise run !!!

sgrunners are not seow abt running....we are also seow abt food and even the bulk of sgrunners were up north running KL international marathon....the remaining runners r also not resting at home....we had our first time sunrise weekend run for both sat and sun....thanks Tiwazz or organizing this and he came down to run for both days together with ran on sat but decided to have a relax morning by the river and be our jaga for sun... I only went for sunday sunrise this morning....shared a cab with meteor, cosmic and philips, we reached zouk (not for chionging) at 6.30am...ronnie and Tiwazz were already doing there warm ups......we waited hedgehog for 10mins before we took off without him as he came later to meet us at esplanade bridge... We took a 20min run along riverside quay...and along boat quay for about 3km before we reached esplanade bridge to wait for the sunrise.... after feeling the sun glare is strong, we went to esplanade for toilet break before we ran 20min back to our startpoint to find philips...and there we find the relaxing jaga relaxing by the riverside.....thanks to him, we have 100 plus after our run...... After stretching and cooling down.....i was a shaggy dog...craving for food....and we walked from Zouk to Funan 99 kopitiam for a hearty breakfast before i broke away fromt he group and came home to blog...heeee wearing my nimbus, we ran 20min for 3km, rested 48min for the sunrise and ran 20min for 3km back. cheers..............

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