Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A short short run

weather has been turning wet and cool for these few days...i guess is due to chinese QING MING festival which is round the corner...there is fortunately no rain this morning so i woke up early and head out for a run....originally, planning to do some intervals at the reservoirs but decided to go for 2 rounds....the sky was cloudy and I doubt I can see ay god sunrise this morning.... I was going at an easy pace...but feeling uncomfortable somehow...i guess is the change of running form recently that affected my body feel.....did a quite fast pace for the first 2.4km which i normally warmed up by going slower than 14min....then....500m away from the ed of 1 round, my bowel started to move!!! shit shit and I need to SHIT....so i better stop after one round before any disaster happen....... I stopped after completed one round and walk briskly back home...the feeling was gone...i pick up a bit of pace and it came back...so i decided to head home for toilet on the safe side...... It was an easy and relax run for the start of the week..maybe i try to do another easy run tomolo morning.... Shoes: Mizuno wave Rider 8 Distance: 4.3km Pace: 5:34min/km Time Taken: 23:58min laps: 2.4km for 13:38min@5:41min/km 1.9km for 10:20min@5:26min/km 8 chinups

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