Monday, March 20, 2006

Intervals with Ironmen

The cleaning exercise over the weekend has really drained my physical energy away...i was feeling very tired throughout the day....I have promised SC5 to join him at Tampines Stadium for interval training so the angel in my head said: " just go for a run and u will find you energy back" while the devil on the other hand said: "u r tired and no energy already, somemore u will be doing intervals, u will get injured...go home and have an early nite" I decided to listen to the angel and went ahead to meetup with the Korean Ironman....also joining in SC5 with his interval was Yew, the Langkawi ironman....stress stress...but i decided to do my fast 6x400m to train for my ippt instead of their slower 3x1200m...... after 2 rounds of light jogging and 4x100m striding, we took a sip and went ahead respectively...i was trying to loosen my legs and I was crusing quite fast for the first 200m...42sec...too i tried to slow down a bit for the next 200m but I din..i managed to maintain the same 42s pace and finish at 1:24min... As I was completing lap by lap....the 2nd straight hundred stretch headwind got stronger which made me difficult to pace properly....but i tried to relax and still hit between 42-44sec....managed to complete 5 rounds within 1:30min which is not within my target of 1:30-1:40min..I managed to maintain a rest interval of about i decided to cut back by one round....but the ironmen are finishing their final round so i rested for about 2:30min and paced SC5 for his final 400m for 1:47min.... it was a good interval training for least i know where i standing now in terms of speed endurance level...maybe i will join the ironmen interval when they are back to their 800m laps in few weeks time... Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Distance: 2.4km total Time taken: 8:57min total run time Pace: 3:44min/km Intervals details: 400m for 1:24min@3:30min/km 1:32min rest 400m for 1:28min@3:40min/km 1:30min rest 400m for 1:25min@3:33min/km 1:31min rest 400m for 1:27min@3:38min/km 1:40min rest 400m for 1:26min@3:35min/km 2:36min rest 400m for 1:47min@4:28min/km

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