Saturday, March 25, 2006

SunRise Run 25 Mar 06

This very early morning....i woke up at 5.30am...washup and waited for Alvo to come and pick me up for Sunrise Run. We also went to pick meteor up and headed down to tanjong pagar mrt by ECP. Run3 and Tiwazz was early and as 6.30am was near, more and more runners came in like littlefoot, xuanjing, kickjazz, renoh, choonwei...... We started at 6.30am and reached sheares bridge for sunrise...rested there for 26min snapping photos all the way before we head down suntec side and went back to our start point.... We went to Tanjong pagar mrt for breakfast before we break of them either going back to work, going to gym or swimming....with me, the only one heading home to prepare for afternoon shopping trip....a good relaxing run done The route we took as shown in the pic also: start from tanjong pagar mrt and go towards marina south till sun dial. Up sheares bridge and wait for sunrise, snap snap photo then run down suntec side and back to esplanade park to fullerton hotel and along shenton way back to maxwell road Shoes: Asics Nimbus VII Distance: 7.1km Time taken: 50:49min Pace: 7:09min/km Lap: 3.4km for 23:00min@6:46min/km wait 26min for sunrise on top of shears bridge 3.7km for 27:49min@7:31min/km cheers for another great sunrise Run


Renohtaram said...

yep, today's run was nice and easy :) good relaxing outing!

T@z said...

yes renoh! very refreshing indeed!!


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