Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nike Human Race 10km

I must say, first time running this type of race where everyone wearing the same running top.....and my favourite colour RED......the race got delayed for few minutes before started off....ran over esplanade bridge, made a loop at marina south, ran thru boat quay and clarke quay and finished at padang....managed to finish just below an hour

The organisation did well to contain 11k runners and separated they by 2 waves although some part of the route is just too narrow for the big crowd...the end of the race started with a concert at the muddy field....

Photobucket Photobucket

every finisher are given a those graduating certs container


Open it up and we will see a aluminium tag on a red nylon band.


Supposed to be wear on the wrist


Unfortunately, I am not very impressed with least must put the event name and year on it lar...


roentgen said...

Are there any words on the wrist band? Doesn't look like there are any words or inscriptions, based on the pic in the blog...

Anonymous said...

you are right...there is nothing else on it...not even a simple nike logo


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