Sunday, August 24, 2008

junk mile, junk hours : SBR,AHM,Nike Human Race pack collection

Honestly.....I dunnoe what to write here.....I ran 3hrs and stood in a queue for 4hrs today

Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon

The first thing I want to say is whoever is smart backside that decided to start the competitive 21km with the non-competitive together need to get a knock on the head for not using their brain

This is probably the first time I see this happening....and I pity those slow runners who actually paid and train for this event and din get to do well becos of the overwheming crowds especially at the waterpoint.....i pity the ladies who tried to squeezed thru a wall of non-competitive runners trying to get just a cup of drink....I pity those who went zigzag around and probably ended up running 25km....

It was a late start for this event at 6.30am....the sky threaten by a little drizzle then stopped....grounds are wet...air also very damp....ended up starting at the back and unlike previous years...the non-competitive crowds were not holded back and all squeezed the end..cannot squeeze to the front half.........


The Start gate is just in front of the ERP gate....and everyone went passed the start mat and went beep beep like the ERP beep....but all nvr bring cashcard lor....

I basically got blocked all the way from sheares bridge to ECP..when a waterpoint reached....everyone just wait and crowd around...causing more jams.

then we went thru the side of the marina golf course and reached tne highlight of the run...the Marina DAM!


View of Sinapore CBD skyline was good


The 16km mark was right in the middle of it


and the route went into the exhibition centre and out at marina south route before going back to padang


And I broke personal "Best"....gun time 3hrs....most value for money run per mile

After the whole day and nite rain...the padang was filled with mud....can do mud roll there...and everyone shoes were in state worst than this....cos I clean up a bit liao


And the finishing medal

Photobucket Photobucket


The Nike Human Race Pack Collection at Central Square Fountain, Clarke Quay

After running 3 hrs....went to food court to have laksa then I decided to go collect my race pack for next sunday run...cos no point for me to go home and come back later or come down from yishun after work tomolo

I reached and some the took me 10min to walk to the queue end at carpark behind liang court....the queue is long but was moving very fast for first 30min and we are into the sheltered area o the center square when we saw this


the queue moved and still this


and moving


We went pass the collection area

Photobucket Photobucket

and the queue went the other direction


After 3hrs 30min of standing....someone asked me to moved forward and there I became evil and cut the queue to enter the main queuing area..and it took me 30min to collect my stuff...i think if I dun cut will take me 5 hrs and this it the queue I took

The race pack consisted of the unique tee with bib number...championship chip, livestrong wrist band, and a very goo Nike water bottle...july chinese I-magazine, runners' guide and vouchers and flyers:


The DJ announced that they have up to 12k runners...good luck next week...not a very friendly route for large crowd lor...

I cannot believe I done so much junk miles and had so much junk time today....good luck to those collecting the nike human race pack tomolo

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