Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post-AHM wet Run......New route!

The weather nowaday is really freaky.....it was raining heavy in the afternoon but turned drizzling.....when I got home...the sky was cleared and the rain stopped...so I decided to go a much needed run after the junk miles last sunday

I decided to explore new 10km route and found this one quite suitable and much better than the punggol one...much less traffic lights to cross and no need to cross over to another estate:

Headed out to the road with my frees....my legs has already recovered from the 3hrs "run" and 4 hrs queuing.....managed to finish the 10km maintaining a good 6min/km pace and finished the 10.6km in 1hr 3min.....I will free my legs for this sunday evening city run....

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