Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I run because I am NUTZ

The weather for the past days and weeks were was in fact very comfortable for everyone to just stayed at home and watch TV or just take a cool nap on the bed...the "magnetism" of the bed is usually very strong during this type of weather and waking up early for work is a big task and barrier.

The original plan was to run last nite but just when I reached sengkang on the bus, it was decided to go hougang for dinner...damn...the rain stopped by 8pm and it never rain again....I regretted

Today's weather was equally crazy....when I was going to work, the sun ws shining brightly and heat up the whole atmosphere.....clouds came in fast during noon and rain poured......stopped and poured like doing fartlek...

It was raining as I was taking a bus turned into drizzle when I reached home...and I started to see people walkig around without umbrella....i I saw heavy dark clouds at hougang side but sengkang side was medium grey was cool and i thought situation will be like last I gambled and changed up

The rain stopped as I went along..I was praying that It can at least hold up for about an hour until I finish my run....I decided to cover about 10km so I went about the new 10km route I came up with:

After heavy downpour, the ground was wet and pool of water is every where.....i was so lazy to divert that I decided I just went into them....some ankle checkout my $1.90 cotton toesocks and my Brooks Axiom 3 performance in the wet..

As I turned into Sengkang Sports Complex and it started to drizzle.....saw 2 other "insane" runners on the route along the road under the deserted LRT track......

As I turned back into Fernvale at started to get heavier....I decided to go according to plan....I reached jalan Kayu and turned into Yio Chu Kang Road...the downpour was like someone poured a pail of water from the sky...drivers and people at the busstop must be wondering how come got this nutz running in such heavy was so heavy that I think Merlion cannot se Sheares Bridge

Choices came into my head.....I can stopped and wait at the void deck of the flat.....but the rain doesn't look like it will stopped anytime and it was getting heavier.....or I can take a bus home...that will be inconsiderate to other passengers on the bus..and I might catch a cold from the aircon..worst is there is no direct bus at where I am....or I can stop running and walk home...this will cause my body to cool down and lost body heat catch a cold I decided I need to RUN home.....

My whole body was numb by the heavy feeling of pain but everything on my body was heavy even my shoes and I was struggling to look at the path the last 3km was made up of slopes, was actually running into waterfalls and rapids....and even mud pools at some point.....i went on and on...trying not to push too hard as the numb was masking my heartbeat ahead.....I was not feeling cold as water hit me hard and flow down my body.....I struggled and managed to finished the 10.6km in 62min....keeping my average pace to be below 6min/km.....the rain got heavier after that....i think this time, the Merlion cannot see esplanade

people said human started running to chase something edible or getting away from danger

human run nowadays to win a medal or to beat their personal best or to chase after a bus or running away from chasing mad dogs

I ran tonite just to get home from the heavy rain......and because I am Nutz and Insane tonite.....

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