Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainbow day LSD.......

I was on the right side of the bus on my way to work when I this car in the opposite side of the road stopped, winded down his window and took out his camera to shoot at the sky.....I was on the wrong side of the bus to see what is it....

My bus happened to turn left to TPE when I really saw what he shooting at:

Photobucket a RAINBOW!..not only is rare to see rainbow in Singapore...and it is even more rare to see it in a raining day.....i was lucky to see part of it from the bus..and I must have a big full arch which my bus happened to go under it......I saw it for about 5min before the rain got heavy and it disappeared from my sight

After a long day of was a rare day in the late afternoon that we see the sun blasting its fren flew aeroplane and my appointment is I decided to do a long run in such good weather

I put on my favourite new shoes and headed out....the path is still wet from this morning downpour but the air is cooling and weather is superb....I did a 8min run and 2min walk break and went for a LSD.....feeling good and went for 18km in the end in the following route:

A very good run completed in just under 2hrs......This is my longest run so far after my recovery...(excluding the junk half marathon last sunday lah)....the start of my training to complete this year end big event....

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