Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Monday is closed!!!

I went down to Sengkang Swimming Complex again to check out the weekday crowd and saw this pasted at one of the door:

At east they spend one whole day to clean the pool here...hopefully next time it gets cleaner

The competition pool has some class going on...but at least is only one group occupying 4 lanes...all swim very fast...seems to be some swim team....even small boy also swim very fast

The pool is cleaner the least the mud stain at the walls are removed...but still got stains at the floor....

managed to swim 12 laps continuous......but not very good form...need to swim more...but at this pool.....coming here 2 times equal to going somewhere else 3 times...btw, stored value card discount does not seems to apply for this pool as weekday is still $1.50 compared to other normal pool which cost $0.90

Sengkang Sports Complex or Sengkang Swimming Pool or Anchorvale CC is here on the map:

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