Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singapore Bay Run 2008 Race Pack


Went to collect the race pack this this big carrier bag from GNC and I thought got some goodies....instead...all papers except for one bottle of NewWater and another bottle of drink from magnolia...

However, the papers are adverts from Mount Alvenia Sports Medicine Centre, spa vouchers, specs and contact lens vouchers, food vouchers and a discount voucher for GU Gel from GNC, Singapore flyer family membership form, SAFRA membership drive, Swing KPE tunnels Run adverts..a big introductory flyer on Marina Bay, Singapore and Singapore Bay Run 2008 handbook

Probably the most useful will be the food discount vouchers and the GU Gel vocuhers where getting more than 12 packs, it will cost only $1.99 per pack

This year dri-fit tee is probably the cleanest, neatest and probably the best looking design for the past years....ever since the dri0fit tee was introduced, the design in front is too flashy and messy with cartoons on singapore skylines..





The theme for this year run written on the back of the tee:


The I realised something is missing......Reebok discount vouchers.....for past few up to 40% discount vouchers on Reebok at Royal Sporting House...and it was missing (cos I always use that to buy something to wear)

Checking the handbook....there is no official sports wear brand this time...Rebok is no more.....after supporting this run more than 10 years...

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