Saturday, September 30, 2006

Insane 30km run: NOT for weak hearts!!

skyckmr30km i was too tired from friday long and exhausting work...din managed to go jalan kayu for supper....managed to wake up 5.30am on sat morning and managed to start my run at exactly 6am....the morning air was cooling and wonderful I was planning to do this run at least 2 months back...that is to run from my house to upper pierce and do the standard MR25 20km route and back to casuarina prata shop....still have no guts to run back from to wait long long....but this run is really not easy and not recommended for beginners without sufficient conditioning on least, it almost killed me...hahaaa Decided to keep to the run/walk ratio of 8min run and 2min walk today....the first 3km was too fast as usual as my body has not warmed up....the second 5km to casuarina was stopped by 3 traffic lights which wasted a least 5min of waiting time in total.... I entered OUTR and for the whole stretch, there was not a single souls...i was was alone all the way till i reached the gate to upper pierce reservoir park.....i began the real test of slopes and decided to go for the aircon route first....The aircon route today was not cooling..maybe aircon din on or breakdown liao....saw a lot of monkeys along the road and quite a number of old folks having their morning exercises. After exiting the aircon road, i stopped for abt 6 min at the upper pierce reservoir toilet for my first powergel break and refill my water....i started to feel some strain from the slopes as i made my way to the golf course and to the 2nd round of killer slopes.....i managed to kill them but was quite drained as i entered MR trail... I din stop at the ranger station this time and decided to go ahead...met quite a number of Ang Mo along the i reached the small hills after the golf course, i decided to conserve my effort and walked over the whole up and down slopes....the walk effort did some recovery on my legs and i was able to run more smoothly for the MR25 time trial route..... Reaching the MR lower carpark toilet, i took my 2nd powergel break and refill...a big group of raffles students just started their runs....i carry on my way back to upper pierce....this part of northern trail was tough with several slopes...i was just running with my spirits to overcome the pain and agony until i reached back to the SRCC clubhouse road...finished the MR 10.5km in 1hr 9min...not a bad timing consider i was in terrible shape.... Back to the killer slopes beside the golf course....i was almost "killed" by the 2nd one which is the most steep and longest...lactic acids built up and my legs turned was not walking break i reached the top of the slopes, this happened to be my walk break luckily and i managed to recover from right leg started to feel the usual strain i encountered during my long runs.....and dragged myself back to Upper pierce reservoir park Upon reaching upper pierce dam, a family of AN blocked the damn narrow path with a baby trolley....i got no choice by to siam them by running on the slopes at the side...din know that it was slippery, my right footing slips and i fell on my right butt and arm....with wet grass all over my right body, i scrambled up and carry on my run....swearing and cursing along the way...however, the fall did relieve my strained right knee and hamstring....i was able to run more smoothly after that.... reached the Upper pierce reservoir toilet again and took a water break...decided to take 2 more min of walk....i wondered if i can finish with the slopes ahead till the i started to try climbing the slopes, they are not as bad as the one before..and i was able to conquer mroe easily without much strain, i guess, i ahve recovered with longer i hit the gate of upper pierce reservoir park, i have done the MR25 20km route in 2hrs 15min... the rest of the 1.2km to the end point was a run with mind switch off...just run and run until the end.....totally shagged out, i brought a large bottle of 100plus and walked to lower pierce reservoir park for cool down and stretching before i headed to Sembawang hill food centre for breakfast. A satisfying and mind torturing and heart stressing run completed Shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D Total distance: 30.8km total time: 3hrs 25min average pace: 6:39min/km lap 2.9km - 17:37min@6:04min/km 6.3km - 44:08min@7:00min/km 6.0km - 38:02min@6:20min/km 10.5km - 79:16min@6:36min/km 3.9km - 27:02min@6:56min/km 1.2km - 8:57min@7:28min/km


weishan said...

wow wow wow!!!

great lsd.... SUper strong runner now! :)

run to live said...

thanks thanks....far from super strong....still super struggling

Teelee said...

Basket,,,, shwee....
I shall follow this route soon,,,
one day........ look very nice

TekKo said...

I saw you walking by the prata shop. Thought you ran with the Animiles. Super Ninja run!


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