Thursday, September 21, 2006

Something is wrong Run $%@#%^

skpgpgpark10 This week is a terrible week for me....i was like hitting the "wall" at work..everyday just staring at the monitor screen....msn with those who also kena the what-to-do-at-work bug. Mainly due to the mess created for the past 2 weeks....tasks being throw around and here and there...finally today i managed to settle down a bit....went back to re-organise the confusion of my job scope..... past 2 days was also terrible for me in terms of whole body was upside down...stomach got hungry very easily and whole body just no energy...after makan, i am OK again...went to see doc also dunnoe what to say....but i took a panadol and slept early last nite...i got better this morning Dinrun for past 2 days...which is a good rest from my monday nite slow long run...original plan was to run last nite...but i was too sick to move....lucky, although i was hit but some last minute problem, i was able to reached home at 8.30pm and still have some energy to change to my running attire and step out of my house. dunnoe where to run, i estimated a 10km route without pre-planning....i just ran towards punggol road and follow towards punggol, make a loop and back to punggol park and back to punggol road..and stop near this 24hrs kopitiam called "Veri-Nice" tonite run was a terrible one...something is wrong..but dunnoe where....i was running like a old man with a clutches...hopping and jumping an just cannot get my posture and technique right....everything is not smooth and everything was wrong...i was not running with my body...i was running with my spirit only for the whole journey....but still managed to finish the 10.2km route within an hour......brought a package of fried rice from the "Veri-nice" and walked home puzzled and confused...


weishan said...

oh dear! u need a break from work, tazzie!!

hmm... 2 things:
1) tell doc that u r suffering from WTM-RWS*.

2) i also kena wat-to-do-@-work virus.. how come neh msn me? hee...

*work-too-much, running-withdrawal-snydrome


KickJazz said...

aiyo, take it easy taz, think its ur body's way of telling u to REST ?

dun run too much lest u get an injury from the bad form .... rest for a better run tomorrow ;)


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