Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A slow slow LSD to YCK MRT

skpgyckmrt24 It was raining quite badly in the afternoon....but prayers was heard and it stopped before work ends...did not kena DOMS this time from last siong siong 28km run (abt 30km effort on flats)..reached home at 7pm...changed up and head out for a slow LSD...a run to no where....i started going towards compasspoint then to punggol road and make a small loop here and there at punggol before i came back to Sengkang....decided to head towards YCK Road at Jalan Kayu before i ran towards the west.....the ground are quite wet at some point and i have to really go slow to prevent splashing.... reached YCK MRT and went for a short toilet break before i head back SK by AMK ave 5....saw an accident just after i cross under CTE....obviously the driver was driving very very fast which another one is turning into the small road was unable to catch it and bang!!!...I just went along and reach Buangkok junction with YCK road comfortably...decided to head to punggol kopitiam at cove LRT for dinner....i decided to take another route to punggol road before i went over to punggol...there are more variety of food here compared to the other at meridian at this time.....had a nice ABC soup at the kopitiam before i head home to blog..hahaa Reached cove LRT covering a distance of about 22km in 2hrs 52min....an average of abt 7min 30sec per km..which is about a minute slow per km compared to my last run.... a bit of change compared to the training program i did last year...to maintain 2 LSDs instead of 1 per week......

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Teelee said...

Wow!!!! Maybe its monday blues so you are a bit slower,
But your mileage is now twice as high as mine, i am slacking,, dammm. AHhaha

Good run for you.!!!!!!!


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