Friday, September 15, 2006

A bad day with an insane wet LSD to MR

skmrbs28km i had a bad day today....a day which most of my hours awake are to woke up at 6.15am just to attend a 1.5hr briefing in tuas....the briefing was delayed by an hour due to the ulu-ness of the place and majority of the pple having difficulty navigating to reach it. 1 hr into the briefing, a thunder sounded and cats and dogs started pouring onto the lecture theatre the bulding is quite old, we could hear the splashing of the heavy downpour and the speaker having difficulty giving his did not stop when the lecture ends... dunnoe when the rain will stop, everyone dash to their cars and started to drove out of the place....i took a ride on one of heart sinked as we approaches serangoon and the rain still pouring...i intended to do a LSD for the second half of the day since i am not free to do one over the weekend... the driver and friend decided to go to a indian kopitiam near serangoon mrt for lunch...we reached at abt 1pm...the rain havent stop...i only took one plain and one egg prata.....we left and i managed to reached home at 2pm...depressed heart and sleepy mind....i took 2 bananas and decided to take a small nap and hope the rain will stop.....woke up at was still drizzling...and seems to be fine...took a banana, i cannot control myself and i changed to my running gear....hookup onto my Salomon black beauty(wanted to go MR for a run).... the weather is still wet as I started to pound the road towards jalan kayu...i decided with a 10min run, 2min distance is 28km...i did not regret my decision...the weather is cooling and perfect for a nice little run....running along YCK road, the rain seems to stop as i reached YCK mrt area....i was doing a too fast pace for the first 6km (abt 6min/km)...5km of YCK road between jalan kayu and UTR was a terrible stretch, i was stopped by a few traffic lights and waiting time was as long as 2min...a little break of momentum on my run/walk. As i got into OUTR, i will expect any traffic stop until i am back to bishan was still drizzling at MR when i reached it....did a quite comfortable pace as i entered MR by SRCC club house....the trail was wet...but better than i expected...not much flooding on the ground....expect to be alone but i met quite a few runners in the trail...aunties and uncles who no need to work and also an ang mo with a waterbag..went for toilet break at ranger station....although i did a 10/2 run/walk...i ran thru all slopes..managed to reach the usual startpoint toilet at lower carpark in 2hrs....refilled my water at the loo, i started with a 2min i realise..the sky getting darker..i was late into the evening...gosh..i got to reach the back to the road at the club house before the trail turned into darkness...i started to dash forward....up my pace as i was fighting with time....only took one 2min walk break in between..i managed to reach the road in 22min(wow...normally will hit at 28-30min) was 7:06pm....i was quite drained at this point but was glad i made it...before darkness came... took a walk break and continue my was a upslope i got to start i calm myself, i tackle he slope slowly and managed to recover my energy and tired legs to continue....after hitting the main road, i went on to carry on my run along bishan body started to feel tired and my legs are heavy...i mistake today is forgot to bring my powergel for replenishment.....i push on and din realise bishan park was so damn long...finally decided to end near bishan J8....took a walk to J* to get a drink before taking a cab back home for the rest of the day.. a bad day ended with a good shiok run BTW, it was still drizzling when i ended my run shoes: Salomon XA pro 3D total distance: 28km total time: 3hrs 05min 50sec average pace: 6:38min/km laps 2.9km - 16:58min@5:51min/km 3.1km - 20:16min@6:32min/km 2.0km - 14:02min@7:01min/km 3.6km - 22:57min@6:23min/km 10.5km - 71:51min@6:51min/km 3.9km - 26:33min@6:48min/km 2.0km - 13:10min@6:35min/km


Teelee said...

Wah Lau Eh... 28 lizo....
Power already.!!!!!
Nice Wet RUn

weishan said...

shwe run on a rainy day! :)

glad u had ur lsd done before the weekend.

KickJazz said...

Hiya Tazzie!

Am glad that you managed to do ur lsd ! Sounds like a very good run, well done! :)

Let's all hope for better weather :)


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