Wednesday, October 04, 2006

windy Run to Chomp Chomp

skpgbkamkcc2 Today's work was about writing reports and instructions file for DUMMIES...not able to rush down for CBD run...decided to do a run myself...happened that JT also cannot amke it for CBD i have company to run for the nite.... Do report until last one left in office...and managed to reached home at 8pm...only managed to start my run at 8:20pm....i have arranged to meet JT at her place so that i can cover more ground and gave her some advantage..hahaa we decided to do a run to Chomp Chomp by the long we did a loop at punggol before heading down sengkang then to punggol park and cut across to buangkok and down to AMK and back to Serangoon and enter the estate by the "back door" to reach Chomp Chomp....Other than the several traffic lights fro Buangkok to AMK, the rest of the route are quite smooth as we do a run/walk of 8min run, 2 min's wind was damn strong and we have some tough time going against nature's forces....but is a cool and nice weather for the haze has went away today(hopefully for good) I was feeling a bit tired from the long day of work and my knees began to hurt a bit..wonder if it is due to last sat siong run or last nite chionging on the threadmill for 3min... After the run, we had a good dinner at Chomp Chomp.....going update in the food blog shoes: adidas adizero SN total distance: 17.5km total time: 2hrs 05min average pace: 7:09min/km lap 2.7km - 15:39min@5:48min/km 5.3km - 36:45min@6:45min/km 6.6km - 51:11min@7:45min/km 2.9km - 21:35min@7:27min/km

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