Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another Insane Run to ECP

3 days of >12hrs sitting in front of office computer, 3 days of carbo loading, 3 days of depression had made my body recovered from tuesday insane run.....mentally tired from allt he last minute issue coming up at work...even now i was typing, it was sat, 8:20pm in the office. mananged to forced myself up from the bed at 4.45am after a longest day work in the week (came home at 10++pm). drank a cup of warm honey, i was unable to clear my bowel (must be too long never run). Only managed to start at 5:15am, this time, i brought 3 different types of gels: old version tropical fruit powergel, new favour vanilla powergel and e-gel. I kept them in the pouch given from the NBRR goodie back and slip it onto my right arm(try to see if it is ok to run with it). skecp33km The cool morning is already filled with vehicles on the road as i made my way down towards ECP to meet up with the rest for LSD. I intended to have more walk for my 13.5km to the meeting point so i tried using teh 8min run, 2min walk ratio. i was going actually at a rather fast pace. But after 30min of run/walk, my body got warmed up and i felt more comfortable with the pace....from the distance measured before the run and my time, i was running at quite a consistent 6min/km wonder if i can last till the startpoint at ECP and carry on. The colling morning does help to keep the legs cool and i was dashing across most traffic lights before the red man appear. Managed to reduce traffic lights stops to minimum. At about 70min into the run, i estimate i might not be able to meet the 6.30am meeting time at ECP so i called up to ask the guys to go ahead while i try to catch up with them. Took the pack of e-gel when i cross the underpass at parkway, taste good and it is not as dry as powergel. I was surprised that it actually took me another 12min after my call to reached the destination and the guys just started the run... Instead of following them straight, i decided to head for the toilet to replenish my water and after about 2min of rest, took a little walk before i chase after them. They are going at pretty fast pace and i need 2 walk breaks before i caught up with them. Followed their pace as the chit chat going on...but i decided to keep my walk breaks to save my legs and i went walk and chase, walk and chase... The guys are having fresh legs...but my legs have been pounded for more than 80min. we reached the cable ski area and saw vivian tang speeding away. Reached after bedok jetty and the aquathlon was in preparation. After the sailing centre, charmane and teelee decided to turn back...teelee was still nursing the damages done by his record breaking AHM last sunday. As we reached the NSRCC, i decided to U-turn back while the rest continue their way to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. I took the new vanilla favoured powergel before I back track the same way..YUCKS! taste like cough syrup!!.My legs are feeling strain but i just continue my run/walk regime. cut down to 6min run, 2min walk at some took quite a while until the food centre when i caught up with teelee and charmane....they decided to stick around me....trying my run/walk method....after a while i guess, they cannot tahan any more and continue running ahead of me....fially, reached B1 carpark again and finish up my last powergel... I took abt 2hrs 18min for the 19.6km. Wow..and the second 9.8km is 2mi fast than my first 9.8km...consider after a 13.5km fast pace down from sengkang, i think this is quite a feat for me at this moment. We waited abt 50min more before the guys started to make their way back...all of them ar looking and finishing strong after their 24km run...well done guys...they are progressing fast..especially the ladies. And i was surprised lao shi actually went to buy the tazmania birthday cake for me!! dumbfolded...i really dunnoe what to say but a big thank you to all of you...the cake also served as a good carbo replenishment for everyone..and thanks lokun for the cold 100plus..tazbdaycake tarbdaygroup and thanks teelee for collecting my AHM cert and handed it to me (as a brithday present..hahaa) ahmcert06 after wash up, we went to parkway parade foodcourt for our breakfast/lunch...had a good meal before 3 of us went home first for other appointment.... Just as i reached home, received a sms from boss to come back to office to settle some stuff.......reached home at about 10.30pm What a way to end a wonderful Sat....... run record: shoes: Adidas Adizero SN total distance: 33km total time: 3hrs 40min average speed:6:40min/km lap 10.6km for 63:46min@6:01min/km 2.8km for 18:21min@6:33min/km 9.8km for 70:00min@7:09min/km 9.8km for 68:27min@6:59min/km


weishan said...

im here to 'whack' u! heh heh...

sorry, u (and teelee & charmane) had to wait so long for us.. especially me, the last runner. paiseh paiseh..

u were running very very strong!! ultra-runner, indeed! :)

KickJazz said...

Thanks for coming down to join the rest of us at ECP for our LSD! You really can run v long siah!

As always, great to have you around :)

cya in the next run!


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