Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak Run

Training is my creativity. I wouldn't want a coach even if I could have one. The fun is in trying to figure things out for myself - Edward Epstein, runner
I guess that is what happening to me now...trying out and experimenting different training approach. At the same time to discover and understand my own body, my own brain and my own heart cpnasilmrun Very last min decision to have a LSD tonite...Speedy Teelee was jioing me for a long run...but i got craving for nasi lemak and i thought tonite i should try the famous chong pang...becos i was doing run/walk, is better for teelee to run without me since he is going long and far and he wants to start early which i cannot. Only managed to reached home at 7pm....rush to change and gear up and head out my door in no time...decided to do a small loop to punggol since the direct run will be quite short....decided to carry on doing run/walk using 8min run to 2min walk ratio.. As i turned back to SK, i need a relieve and decided to drop by the new Koufu at fernvale for a pee....took me quite to locate the restroom and lost a abt 6min there.... turned to YCK road right after the break and start the journey of i was about 200-300m away from the MRT line, a familiar figure came charging towards me and that was teelee!! He decided last minute to turn into YCK road to catch up with my run....he said he was feeling strained from his run to Nee Soon camp and back...but i managed to jio him follow me to chong pang...and he agreed to follow my run/walk since he was already tired from his run.. We reached casaurina junction and turned right along Upper Thomson Road...the road full of slopes was very shiok...(although the slopes are easy ones)...and here we saw a driver kena booked by traffic police...abt 10min later, we saw another traffic police, hiding behind the bushes and start charging out to chase after another speeding vehicle... As we reached the row of shop houses before Nee Soon camp, teelee charged ahead to get a bottle of gatorade from 7-11...finally reached Nee soon camp and past a church....after we realise there is no pavement to run on to run over the big slope choice, we ran on the double yellow line...past one or 2 strange busstop along way where there is no civilisation in the vicinity..... Finally reached the junction of Yishun Ave 1 and Sembawang road....finally there is pavement to run...and last big slope to conquer before we reach our destination. finally, we saw Mac and end our run at the junction of yishun Ave 3, grab a can of 100 plus each and walked slowly towards the finale for the nite: Chong Pang Nasi Lemak!!! DSC00160 Maybe is weekday and not meal time so no crowd over here.... cpnasilemak I ordered a plate of famous Nasi Lemak with a fried fish fillet, Chicken wings and egg and lots of chilli!!! + a glass of ICE MILO!!! chee qiong fan I also ordered a $3 plate of Hong Kong style Chee Qiong Fan with char siew and mushroom filling.... they also have char siew + prawns or mushroom + prawns.... DSC00158 We had a lot of drinks...Teelee had 3 cans which shocked the kopi uncle...i had one ICE MIlo and anotehr can of ice lemon tea...tempted to have one more rounds but decided to endure and have as many roudns as i like at home..... Took a cab back from a satisfying run and wonderful dinner.....and it is 1:40am...i am still blogging 8-( shoes: ASICS Nimbus VII total distance: 19km total time: 2hrs 19min average pace: 7:20min/km lap: 2.6km - 15:35min@6:00min/km 8.5km - 64:17min@7:28min/km 7.9km - 59:26min@7:31min/km


KickJazz said...

yumz yumz!!! both the nasi lemak & chee cheong fun looks great!!
*lau nua*

Teelee said...

Shack Shack


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