Monday, September 11, 2006

After Rain half marathon

hsp22km Managed to leave office at 7.15pm and rush home after receiving news of some delay in the task (the most I OT more on tuesday nite). Intended to do a LSD tonite after resting more than 48hrs of rest from last sat siong run. I came out of Buangkok MRT and Oh Man!!! It was raining cats and heart sank...I opened my small umbrella and was cursing the rain....but hor...after just 5 min walk away from the mrt, the RAIN STOP!!! my heart pounded with joy.... quickly walk home and changed up, i decided to try my salomon techamphib again this time on the expected wet ground. Not decided or planned before hand where to go, I decided jut to go looping around punggol and SK tonite....heard that kopitiam at punggol opens till late so i decided to end there for dinner before heading home.... The run was fine and the damp ground dried fast...i was doing a 10/2 run/walk and managed to complete before 11pm and had a bowl of yummy abalone bak cho Mee at Punggol Kopitiam before i head home for the nite. Shoes: Salomon techamphib total distance: 21.8km total time: 2hrs 32min 52sec average pace: 7min/km lap: 3.4km for 21:25min@6:18min/km 6.2km for 44:00min@7:06min/km 4.0km for 27:33min@6:53min/km 5.1km for 36:32min@7:10min/km 3.1km for 23:20min@7:32min/km

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Teelee said...

Never realize got rain leh.....


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