Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The 22nd hr run on the day of my 29th year of life

Only one person and one person only will determine how good of a runner you become... You will become as good as you let yourself be. That one person is you. - a coach skpg99km After a long day of work, i sneaked out of my office at 6pm sharp in regardless of what happened...managed to push an important report to tomorrow morning. Had a filling dinner of steak, lamb chop, grilled salmon and chicken breast. Having difficulty to chew the lamp chop and steak as it was too rare for my weak teeth....i guess, i stick to fish or chicken next time for western food selection. Walk walk a bit at bugis to digest the full stomach and reached home at 9.30pm....feeling energised and restless, i decided to go for a quick nite run at the 22nd hour of the day....before my depression set in tomolo....hahaa Put on my adizero with my office toes socks on(want to try if it is okie after balasing recommendation a year ago). I also wear my latest blinking gadget on my arm to give it a try and head out of the door. Decided to do the 10km route round punggol and sengkang. My legs felt fresh and light after 2 full days of rest from my insane 33km run last sat. The cadence of my feet jsut went faster than 180 steps/min...enjoying the cool nite with myself and my running shoes, i maintained the fast pace till punggol mrt with a bit of struggle as my body is still not warmed up. After about 3km, running form got smoother and managed to run non-stop, dashing across traffic lights for the first 7.5km....running too fast made my throat irritated and i have to vomit out my phelgm while waiting for the lights to turn green...the 1min break does freshen up my legs as ipush on effortless but with phelgm keep oozing stopped by the second traffic light at punggol road junction for half a min. The last stretch was a bit of struggle on my throat but my legs are pretty fine from the constant pace...managed to maintain my composure to finish strong...much faster than my race time at mizuno and new balance...... anyway, not supposed to run so fast at this pace for marathon...and i do not enjoy fast pace running.......but not for today..... shoes: adidas adizero SN total distance: 9.9km total time: 51:41min average pace: 5:13min/km lap 2.5km for 13:04min@5:14min/km 2.7km for 13:58min@5:10min/km 2.3km for 11:46min@5:07min/km 2.4km for 12:52min@5:22min/km


Anonymous said...

bo jio me again. You need to be whack! :-p

roonz said...

ahhh sorry i'm so terribly late!! happy belated birthday t@z!! here's to more runs, less puking (heh) and more red apparel! :)

run to live said...

thanks reddy roonz....hahaa


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