Friday, September 08, 2006

Weekday LSD to Khatib

skyskhatib19 Nota bad day for me as I managed to finish up the work planned for 4 days into can Slack a bit...went back quite early compare to normal OT time and due to the traffic jam, only managed to reached home at 7.30pm.....change to my running attires and grab my adizero SN, i headed out of my door and start my run at 8pm sharp. want to do a slow comfortable run/walk of 10min run to 2 min walk...mental block tonite so i decide to take this chance to recce the last part of this sat route. To make up the distance, i went to loop around some part of sengkang which i never went before......went by compasspoint before i head towards the deserted LRT area....reached thanggam LRT, i head up the stairs to take the short cut to jalan kayu..i head running the full stretch which the traffic heavy and uneven ground. reached seletar camp entrane and decide to try and head into the camp....sort of went the wrong way and ended up running more than expected on a busy road (no pavement so have to with the cars) which vehicles zoom past like no traffic police exist....lucky i wore my blinker to make myself more prominent i reached yishun dam and found quite a number of families enjoying the moonlight by the sea......headed towards yishun town, i took a new road which led me to yishun park...i went into the toilet and found myself in a high-tech toilet: got signal light to indicate if it is vacent, open or close beside the door....after enter, there is an annoucement over the system saying to press the button to close and the time limit to use the toilet is 10min!!! Quite surprised that the flushing is not auto like other public toilet....the soap dispenser, water and warm air are all by sensors..... After a short toilet break, i went around Yishun park and passed Safra Yishun before i head towards LOT 10....the human traffic at LOT 10 and the HDB flat after the MRT line are to slow down a bit as ran passed Chong Pang...lucky all the food are at the opposite side of the road so i cannot smell any good food...... It was up slope from this point along sembawang road than downslope and after turning left towards khatib, it was a long downslope...... finally reached the MRT where i turned left and found the start of a park connector so i decided to ran slong the park connector which runs under the mrt line. After 800m from the start of park connector,i finally reached Khatib MRT. Brought Gatorade from shop N save and headed across the road for dinner before catching an express bus home for the end of the day....... Very good run least i able to slow down....10/2 run/walk ratio is okie at the moment....slow enough for fat burning!!! hahaa Shoes: adidas adizero SN total distance: 19km total time: 2hrs 29min average pace: 7.22min/km lap 2.6km - 17:22min@6:41min/km 3.6km - 24:46min@6:53min/km 3.4km - 24:28min@7:12min/km 6.3km - 49:11min@7:48min/km 3.1km - 24:02min@7:45min/km

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