Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Competitor for Vibram FiveFingers: Fila Skele-toes

Wow! News at ...There is a new kids on the block for minimalist shoes...This time is FILA and its called glance at it and is....definitely Vibram FiveFingers look-alikes gives a good sneak preview of it and you can read it HERE.
And certainly interesting to see the pricing to be much cheaper than VFF at with wider variety of colours  .

Vibram is master of making rubber outsoles...thus I do not think Fila's skele-toes outsole can be as durable as harm trying if it is available

But...will Fila Singapore bring them in???


Tekko said...

Fila like close down in Singapore already. Don't recall seeing any more Fila outlet around

Ling said...

Hey, this is cool!A cool gift for my brother who I used to tease Skeletor back then. hehehe!

FML said...

may i know how long does those VFF last? they are soooooo expensive!

I thought minimalist shoes means less material, but price still not minimal leh *bleah*

bata power only cost $29.90 ~ $39.90! LOLz

insanet@z said...


How long VFF last depends on many factors like the way you run, the surface you ran on and how frequent you first one that wore out lasted me about 800km...

minimalist shoes means less material but does not means easier to manufacture them...if you want cheaper option, ask someone who travel to US to get one for you there but sizes are limited as they sole out fast in US

Bobby said...


What fivefingers were you using? Something tells me you were using the wrong ones, or running incorrectly for them to give out that quickly. I have logged over 300 miles (480 Km) in my Bikilas and they're still going strong. My longest run in them was 13 miles. They hold up stronger than you think.

As far as skeletoes are concerned though. You have no options, they have the combined toe slot, which apparently makes them easier to put on (After breaking in your fivefingers after about 2 or 3 days, the toes adjust to your toe size, and they're easy to put on), but the upper material being nylon seems fragile and uncomfortable in hot weather. VFF shoes have different models for different purposes, providing protection to the soles of your feet without putting too much stuff in them hurting you in the long run. The skeletoes have a less fortified sole, and seems to run flat. VFF's, with the exception of a couple of models, have a razor etched sole that improves flexibility (go to a local outdoors/running store and pick up a pair, bend them, and look at the sole, you'll know what I'm talking about), this improves traction. And overall, VFF's seem to accommodate more for the barefoot experience more, while using better, more comfortable materials.

Bobby said...

Oh, I apologize, I misread, I thought you said 800m.


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