Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An inspiration day with a good 16km run!!!

Today was the first day of Nov, also 5 weeks more to the big day on 4 Dec....... My company shut down for the week and was forced to take leave on Mon, Wed and Fri because of the holidays on Tues and Thurs......as it was a last minute notice, I did not have time to plan for anything else except run, eat, sleep, walk or sleep, walk, eat, run for the whole week.....4 running days and one final day of Vertical marathon at the 73 storey Raffles City on Sunday. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I woke up late at about 10am today, went for breakfast cum lunch and decided to join the SgRunners:DO, Balasing, TheLonelyRunner and Cyberkinetic for a meeting with Lim Nghee Huat, The legendary ironman who was the first to complete the NTU 168km ultramarathon a month ago......This meeting is suppose to finalise the sharing session next sunday which ws joining organised by SgRunners and Himself. During the meeting, he also inspired us with all his stories during teh 168km ultramarathon and also his past achievement...things i remembered: he did is first marathon in a time of 3hrs 20min without much training...he went for Kona Ironman in Hawaii at the age of 36, he was the fastest Asian to finish that year....and many more accomplishment However, something he mentioned about his 168 ultramarathon is he did the first marathon in about 4hrs 50min with run-walk method with a ration of 30min run-5min walk.....this has indeed inspired me to complete the marathon within 5hrs......I going to try the run-walk method this friday using my 20km LSD.....I got to leave early because of the adventure run at Yishun organised by ethanolic...... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I met up with J, Shirley, Weishan and Ethanolicat Yishun stadium. The run supposed to start at 5pm, but was delayed to 5.30pm due to the hot weatehr but we finally started at 6pm due to latecomers like me...heeeee we started at Yishun stadium and went up northeast along Yishun Ave 1 all the way to Seletar Reservoir dam running past orchid country club entrance...Shirley was not feeling well as she just recovered from flu so she slowed down after about 2km...I also slowed down to accompany her....J, weishan and Ethanolic went ahead.......we crossed the dam and follow the road at the outskirt of Seletar airport via seletar country club entrance...teh road lead us allt he way to seletar camp entrance and we went to jalan kayu for 10min toilet and water break...we have ran about 8km and took about 52 minutes.... After the break, the exciting part came in...we sky has turned dark and the whole stretch of road by the outskirt of seletar airport was totally darkness..the lightpost were there but there was no lights at all....we got run in the dark with cars passing by dangerously...can feel that the girls are a bit scare as I volunteered to lead the way and they sticked very close to my back...finally, we are out of darkness at the reservoir dam....Ethanolic started to feel uneasy and slowed to a walk and jog....J offered to slow down and accompany him while Shirley and weishan followed me closely all the way back to the stadium...everyone was feeling good after the run...and Shirley flu seems to be recovered fully as she did a good fast pace finished.....we took about 53min back. We ran a total of 16km... Weishan, shirley and myself went into the stadium for warm down while waiting for J and Ethanolic to come....I took the chance to calibrate my watch...based on 100m on the track, I measured that I will took 91 steps with about 110cm stride length....this was entranced into my watch and if i can follow a consistent 180 cadance pacer, I can easily have a estimation of my distance run in future...... After everyone was back, we had carbo reloading at a kopitiam near to Khatib mrt before we parted for the night........the route we ran is shown below:

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