Sunday, November 20, 2005

Last 3rd week to Marathon

When I was posting this, I am 13days and 2hrs away from the marathon. My first virgin marathon...mixed feelings has already started...feeling of fear, feeling of anxiety, feeling of excitement...already started dreaming of the final moments as I reaching the final 100m stretch of the finishing was that scary feeling.....will I make it? Only that day will tell.... I have started tapering for this week...from weekly total of 60km to 40km this coming week might go down to 30km...below are the summaries: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/15/2005 Time: 7:35 PM Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 Comments: did a slow run this eveing with J,S,KT and GK...a slow slow run as i can still the strain from last sunday 30km...KT just recovered from flu. Route: from behind shaw, we ran along nicoll highway until we cross the bridge and ran along kallang river to Sir Arthur bridge and cross the bridge and run along the running path all the way to esplanade and up singapore river to zouk and U-turn back to padang, raffles hotel and back to st joseph church 2km for 14:52min@7:26min/km 2km for 14:56min@7:28min/km 2km for 14:01min@7:01min/km 2km for 14:23min@7:12min/km 2km for 14:37min@7:19min/km 3km for 24:31min@8:10min/km Total distance: 13 Kilometers Total time: 1hr 37min 21sec Average pace: 7:29.3 min/Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/18/2005 Time: 6:30 AM Shoes: ASICS GEL CUMULUS VI Route: Bedok Reservoir 6km road run Total distance:6 Kilometers Total time: 31min 56sec Average Pace: 5:19.3 min/Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Date: 11/19/2005 Time: 7:30 AM Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 8Weather: Comments: ran end to end at east coast park with jianming and soo kng, shirley came later and ran on her own...i went ahead of the other 2 and ended 10min faster 6km for 37:07min@6:11min/km 4km for 25:33min@6:23min/km 2km for 11:07min@5:34min/km 3km for 20:45min@6:55min/km 2km for 11:10min@5:35min/km 4km for 24:57min@6:14min/km Route: ford road to entrance of NSCC and back Total distance: 21 Kilometers Total Time: 2hrs 10min 42sec Average Pace: 6:13.4 min/Kilometer %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5 Cheers..............................................

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