Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Adventure Run called Riverside Run

Date: 11/15/2005 Time: 7:35 PM Shoes: ASICS GEL CUMULUS VI Comments: did a slow run this eveing with J,S,KT and GK...a slow slow run which we never went faster than 7min/km pace..i can still the strain from last sunday 30km...KT has just recovered from flu but he did well completing the run with us....we decided to do a 2km run with 2min walk to get use to the pace and also for KT to catch up due to his 80% of the route are runing beside the river, I would call this Riverside Run...actually, not a good palce to run...cos there are too many restaurants along the way and the smell from the delicious food are too strong.......after the run, i did felt a bit of ITB on my left leg...maybe is the strain of the 30km to rest properly this week and taper down for the D-day. Route: Start from behind shaw, we ran along nicoll highway until we cross the bridge and ran along kallang river to Sir Arthur bridge and cross the bridge and run along the running path all the way to esplanade and up singapore river to zouk and U-turn back to padang, raffles hotel and back to st joseph church Lap Time: 2km for 14:52min@7:26min/km 2km for 14:56min@7:28min/km 2km for 14:01min@7:01min/km 2km for 14:23min@7:12min/km 2km for 14:37min@7:19min/km 3km for 24:31min@8:10min/km Total distance: 13 Kilometers Total Time: 1hr 37min 21sec Average pace: 7:29.3 min/ Kilometer

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Run said...

would not be able to complete if not for u all around. thks again


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