Friday, November 04, 2005

Vertical Marathon Race pack collection

Went for lunch with J, Kay and balasing somewhere near bugis before balasing, Kay and myself went down to Swissotel Raffles city to collect the race pack for this sunday Vertical Marathon.... As arranged, we met BrokenRunner, Meteor and Alvo at the collection site and also met Fastlane who sneaked out during lunch to collect the packs. After collecting the pack, we head down to Funan and paid a visit to Running Labs to see if we can make use of the $10 voucher from the goodie bag..However, the birthday boy, Kay kana recalled by his auntie back to the office so he left us early.....We reached the shop and met Sam from SAFRA who was the sales personal at the shop. Only Meteor brought a Nike top and the rest of us left empty-handed...we decided to head downstairs for kopi at Yakun....we had a long and interesting talk mainly about what is happening in the forum and we tok and tok until 5.30pm before we decided to leave..Myself, Meteor and Alvo took a lift from BrokenRunner while Balasing continued to hang around until at night when he needs to continue at work...poor guy I reached home at 6pm and got ready for my planned LSD for the night........ My bib number is 098 under Men's Open category and this year Race pack for Vertical Marathon consisted of: A black Shoe bagEvent Tee A white brandless towel A gentle soap from Raffles Amrita Spa One travel pack of ORIGINAL LEMON SOURCE SHOWER Gel (Tea Tree & Lemon) One travel pack of ORIGINAL LIME SOURCE SHOWER Gel (Tea Tree & Lime) One travel pack of ORIGINAL LAVENDER SOURCE SHOWER Gel (Tea Tree & Lavender) One voucher from Fitness First for Special One day workout PassOne $10 voucher from Raffles Amrita Spa with minimum spending of $90 One $10 voucher from Running lab with minimum spending of $30 One namecard of the manager from i-VOX communication One certificate of discount offered to VM participants from Raffles Amrita Spa One November Issue of Men's Health Magazine (Singapore Edition) Anyone need the vouchers other than the Running lab one, please contact me Cheers................u never run alone in

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