Friday, November 04, 2005

SgRunners Hari Raya Get-Together-Run

Thanks to Tiwazz for starting this Hari Raya run at Macritchie....quite a number of us replied...the orginal plan was running 2 loop of macritchie of 1 loop depending on individual....looking at the bad weather recently, Alvo suggested the following 2 options: OPTION1: For those who are doing two loop. Instead of doing the second loop in the trail we can run the MR20k route. I can be the guide. OPTION2: Run along thomson road to upper thomson road. Then back. Distance: 16km We fixed to start at 7am meeting at macritchie....So i woke up 530am..just to make sure i will catch the first bus to Toa was drizzling the night before and the weather was clear this morning at bedok...however, it startd to pour when the bus reached paya lebar area...I was thinkign shit..and message dreamrunner,Tiwazz and Alvo...only DreamRunner replied and he tried to confirm the weather near MR...I reached Toa Payoh interchange by the rain came pouring heaviler...and i was feeling hungry so I took a plate of char kway tiao at the interchange canteen with a cup of hot tea to keep about 7am....the sky started to clear and seems that 2 few of them went down to MR...I decided to make my way there..... I reached at about 7.30am and saw sotong changing his shoes at the lower carpark....I went up the upper carpark and saw the rest of them....but cyberkinetic was no where to be we waited for him to arrived before we started at about 8am..commando decided to wear his boots and went for 2 rounds of muddy trail....So we took option 2 and Alvo led us out of Macritchie to Thomson road...we started with 14 runners...a very good turnout and was causing some curiocity from the runners we met on the road.... we went at a very comfortable chit chat pace and we are able to keep close to each other till we reach the lower pierce toilet for a small break. We continued on to upper pierce when we met DO near the Old Upper Thomson Road entrance...we went along the OUTR and reached Upper pierce when Alvo, DreamRunners and DO led us to the famous "aircon" the weather is already very cooling, we did not feel the "aircon as claimed...will come back next time when the weather is was about 9km when we U-turn back to the start point...we started to pickup some pace as the slower runners dropped behind...we reached lower pierce toilet and waited 15min for the last few runners before we decided to carry on.... It was about 4km left when BrokenRunner broke off from the group and went her "kenyan" style....his brother, Roger also follow her..while DreamRunner and myself trying to keep we are near MR, DreamRunner and myself suddenly pickup and passed BrokerRunner and her bro....we increased out pace and finished strongly to where we started...I came in before DreamRunners as he was slowed down by the pedestrians.....without the people blocking his way, he should be ahead of me to the end..... We waited for all to be back, washed up and head straight to the famous PRATA shop!!! we got 17 hungry runners searching for seats at the shop and finally, we got to split into 2 different groups for out carbo reloading..I had a plain prata, a mushroom and cheese prata, one teh-tarik and a MILO DINOSAUR!!!! A great meal we had before we parted..... thanks to Sotong we brought his camera along for the run and took a lot fo fun picture...and also brokeRunners for some other photo at the PRATA shop... And also thanks Alvo, DreamRunner and DO for leading up all the way and show us interesting places and routes... more report here from DreamRunner... cheers....................looking forward for the next SgRunners run-together-session..

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