Friday, November 04, 2005

Final run for the week and weekly mileage summary

Today is the last day of my run for this week as I rest for this sunday Vertical Marathon. I have up my mileage a lot compared to previous weeks mainly due to desperate and also whole will of holiday which I do not know wat to do other than Run, eat, sleep and Forumming. I did a full 11km round at MacRitchie Reservoir on Monday Morning.Did a 16km with my running Kaki from Yishun Stadium to Jalan Kayu via Seletar reservoir on Tuesday Nite. A 18km with Sgrunners from Macritchie Reservoir to pierce Reservoir via Upper Thomson Road and a 24.3km run to Pasir Ris, Loyang Ave, Tampines Ave 7, Tampines Ave 2 and back to Bedok Reservoir with a final complete round. So this week total is about 69.3km...Wow +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The original plan for tonight is to do a trial of 20km using run-walk method. The plan is to run about 3km-4km and walk a minute for every km ran. However, the weather is cool and the walk breaks really refreshed the legs and I was about to maintain quite a fast speed for the run section. I was feeling very good until I reached Tampines after about 14km where the traffic lights were very horrible and broke my rhythm for about 3km. The traffic was heavy and there are numerous traffic lights to cross with each traffic light waiting time of about 2min if I was unlucky. But after the horrible part, I was able to regain my rhythm and finished my 20km at the time of about 2hrs I was feeling good, I tried to continue another round of 4.3km around Bedok Reservoir with a 3min walk after 2.9km run and ended my 24.3km run at a time of about 2hrs 31min..... The timing tonight is considered incredible as my last terrible run 25km took about 2hrs 50min at East Coast with no ammo left. Furthermore, I did a long 18km run yesterday morning....As My legs are still able to go on after my run tonight, on the actual day, if I was about to keep my cool and maintain my 3km run, 3min walk, I should be able to finish my first marathon by 2hrs 15min and my second half should be able to complete within 2hrs 45min which I should be able to complete within 5hrs.....lets hope so....I will do my 30km run next week using the strategy again. To summarise, I did the following for tonight's run: Run 2.5km-> walk 2min-> Run 4.5km-> walk 3min 30sec-> Run 3.5km-> walk 3min 30sec-> Run 3.5km->walk 3min 30sec->run 2.5km with a lot of traffic light breaks-> Run 3.5km-> walk 3min-> run 2.9km->walk 3min-> run 1.4km

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Summary of this week mileage in chronological order: *********************************** Date: 10/31/2005 7:35 AM

Comments: went the full round alone this morning, starting and ending at the lower carpark toilet. took a 3min walk break at the ranger station which is about 4.7km...hit by rain at the last 1km Route:Macritchie Reservoir Full 11kmstart and end at toilet

Total Distance: 11 Kilometers

Total Time: 1:00:33.3

Average Pace: 5:30.2 / Kilometer Shoe wore: Salomon XA Pro 3D


0.6km for 3:27min@5:45min/km

4.2km for 23:17min@5:33min/km

5.3km for 30:15min@5:42min/km

0.9km for 3:33min@3:57min/km


Date: 11/1/2005 6:00 PM

Comments: Ran with J,Gerald, Shirley and weishan. Start from Yishun stadium, and run down to seletar reservoir and pass seletar airbase to jalan kayu and back. Took a 10min break at jalan kayu

Total Distance: 16 Kilometers

Total Time: 1:46:44

Average Pace: 6:40.2 / Kilometer



8km for 52:38min@6:35min/km

8km for 53:46min@6:43min/km

*********************************** Date: 11/3/2005 8:00 AM

Comments: went with Sgrunners for run from macritchie reservoir to pierce reservoir...via thomson road, old upper thomson road. we had water, toilet break along the way. Route: macritchie along upper thomson road to pierce reservoir

Total Distance: 18 Kilometers

Total Time: 2:28:29

Average Pace: 8:15 / Kilometer

Shoe wore: Salomon XA Pro 3D


9km for 1hr 15min @ 8:20min/km timing included break time


Date: 11/4/2005 6:30 PM

Route:run from Bedok Reservoir to Temasek Poly->Tampines Ave 10-> Pasir RIs Ave 3-> Loyang Ave-> Tampines Ave 7-> Tampines Ave 2-> Temasek Poly->back to Bedok Reservoir->one final round at Bedok Reservoir

Total Distance: 24.3 Kilometers

Total Time: 2:31:23

Average Pace: 6:14 / Kilometer

Shoe wore: Mizuno Wave Rider 8


2.5km for 14:16min@ 5:42min/km

1.5km for 08:56min@ 5:57min/km(include 2min walk break)

3.0km for 17:02min@ 5:41min/km(include 3:30min walk break)

3.5km for 21:53min@ 6:15min/km(include 3:30min walk break)

3.6km for 24:06min@ 6:42min/km(include 3:30min walk break)

2.5km for 19:05min@ 7:38min/km(include a lot of traffic breaks)

1.5km for 08:01min@ 5:21min/km

2.0km for 10:20min@ 5:01min/km

2.9km for 18:34min@ 6:24min/km(include 3min walk break)

1.4km for 09:05min@ 6:29min/km(include 3min walk break) all in the mind

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