Thursday, September 15, 2005

Up and Running Again!

Feeling very good waking up at 6.30am this morning...This is my second run after a long long break and also the last of this week....I was shocked to see the sun has already brighten the day...Gosh! It has been 6 weeks ever since my last early morning that means next week, i can wake up earlier to run and not in darkness... Hooked on the transmitter to my chest and geared up real fast, i headed out of the wearing my old ASICS Cumulus VI...still not relunctant to wear my new Mizuno Wave Rider 8 to run at the reservoir...probably leave it to the road run next week.... Went straight to the chin-up bar and pull...Wow! still feel the ache from 2 days ago...i guess too long never exercise so recovery still very slow...went over to the reservoir, swing my limps, stretch and jump a bit, I started my run at a slow pace.... I was trying to control my pace, focus on my head-neck, my vision 30-50m ahead, my elbow backswing and also using my knee to lead the way (from the pointers in my previous post)...a bit uncomfortable, which is normal as I am not moving my usual way....My Heart rate was least 5-6 count lower than my run 2 days ago...I shoudl try to maintain the effort till the end...Hit the 2.4km mark at 12:55min..good, not too fast or too slow and most important, not feeling any strain from my last focusing on running at a consistent pace...breathing is good and comfortable....finished the last 1.9km at 9:45min..just 2-3sec off tuesday run with less strain.. head for the chin-up bar again and struggled with another 8 chin-ups before walking back home to shower and change for work. Good run...going to do macritchie 9.5km with my gang this week run will be more or less the same to condition the body before I push my mileage up. Run Stats: Overall - 4.3km for 22:41 at 5:17min/km avg HR: 158 max HR: 177 calories burned: 211 KCAL lap - first 2.4km for 12:55 at 5:23min/km avg HR: 150 max HR: 165 last 1.9km for 9:45 at 5:08min/km avg HR: 170 max HR: 177

2 comments: said...

hi shifu lotsa running u doin dis week hor.. must be feelin quite happy. i very lethargic whole wk.. been taking too long break liaoz, duno if sat engine can start or not hehe!

run to live said...

wat shifu? who shifu? I dun except tudi one okie? hahaa


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