Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Running Do's and Don't: A Summary

In search for a good running form: Extracted from "The Art of RUNNNING with the Alexander Technique" The Do's: - Allow the arms to engage the legs - Allow the ankles to release, followed by a release towards the back of the knees - Allow the knees rather than the feet to lead the movement forward - Allow the legs to move in semi-circular pattern - Remember that the external direction is forward, the internal direction is up - Let the eyes look out 30-50m ahead - Allow the wrists to remain toned rather than floppy - Allow the elbows to remain bent at 90 degrees - Allow the arms to move straight forward and back or slightly across the body - Learn to run light and quietly - Run on the legs, not with the legs The Don't - Push the body up and let it land heavily on the legs with every stride - Push with the feet - Lock the arms on to the trunk or fix the shoulders - Allow the feet to cross over the mid-line - Do an Elvis, and tuck or push the pelvis into the legs - Allow the head to roll, bob,wag or look down - Allow the fist to clench, the wrists to flop and the thumbs to stiffen - Clench the teeth or grimace - Bounce up and down or roll side to side - Push the chest toward the target - Belly-breathe

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