Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mizuno Wave Run 2005

I woke up having ache over my whole body....I guess this is due to my IPPT yesterday...Tumpang TLR's car down to Kovan hub with Philip....met up with a few of the SgRunners before meeting up my 2 other friends who came also for this run. This is the 2nd time for Mizuno Wave run and also my 2nd time for this race. Last year, I started too fast and kana stitches right after U-turn point...Hopefully this year is okie...But this year, I have not recovered from Bronchitis and still feeling the fatigue from yesterday IPPT. Last year Race was badly organised: No proper traffic control..only 2-3 traffic police officers and they are really stressful...runners got to stop at traffic light and take in all the carbon monoxide and dust from the vehicles....and runners basically jammed up the whoel road which is dangerous water point was badly organised...not enough helper and they have to give out in bottles which is still sealed...took a hard time taking out the plastic seal No toilet provided...runners have to squeezed at the small toilet at the food centre No bag deposit service This year race started on time and we were gald we saw barricades to marked out one lane for runners...looking good...we also saw more traffic police officers controlling the traffic light.....I decided to follow balasing who also running slower due to his aquathlon yesterday...i was feeling good but after the U-turn point, the 2nd water point ran out of water...lucky I have decided to bring my own water as i expect a hot weather for the was a upslope and I started to feel my leg jellying...decided to slow down as balasing continue...the rest of the run was just squeezing the reminding energy available out of my body...I reached the 3rd water point...empty and saw the 1st water point boys came and started pouring out remainding water.....disappointed.... Furtherdown the run, saw runners falling out of the run.....i guess is due to the empty water point.....i enduranced and finally finished in 59min. A good run actually.... At the end water water available....anway, I collected my goodie bag and met up with the SgRunners....took quite a number of photos and went kopitiam for a drink with the guys.....very good outing as I get to meet a lot of new faces.... Overall....Not a well organised run,...the only improvement is the traffic control and the very nice blue quick-dry Event Tee.....hope the organiser can provide more water and better organised next year....if there is still one.... Cheers........................never underestimate the power of your mind


Renohtaram said...

Wah, didn't realise you had IPPT the day before! :) Good job on the run today!

Muggs said...

we all managed to pull through... hhha.. All in the mind.


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