Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Weeky Mileage exposed!

Wow! Today seems to be a good day to blog...this is my 3rd posting of the day. I started my Running log last year after I got my ASICS Cumulus VI on 31st Aug 2004. Below is my past 1 year mileage for my 2 running shoes. I have used ASICS Culumus VI for all my road runs and Salomon TECH Amphib for my trail running mainly at Macritchie Reservoir. 735.7km on my ASICS Cumulus VI 104.5km on my salomon TECH Amphib. You might note that there is one month of no running during last year Dec. Yes, I was down with Bronchitis relapsed. Started to pick up a bit during Jan and Feb. It's a pity this time that I finally past my 50km weekly that I broke down again. Did I surged my milage too fast that my bronchitis relapsed again in Aug this time? I guess not, I know is due to my big mouth that eat everything that caused the problem..The >50km week was done at very low intensity to control my mouth next time..... Cheers..........

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