Saturday, September 03, 2005

Running Gear VI: My Running Cap

Yes! For those who saw me at this year NB REAL Run, I was running with my new Running cap from Adidas. I guess this is the latest model from Adidas Running series. Making use of the 20% discount from this year Marathon, I got it for $20 from Suntec Adidas. This model got 2 colours:black/dark grey or light blue. The light blue is not so nice and difficult to match other I got the black version...One concern is that black absorbed heat faster but after the NB REAL Run, I was wrong. In fact, I must be thankful that I wore this during the hot sunny run. At least my head got heated up slower and was actually quite cool and the visor shielded my eyes from the glaring sun. I think next tiem i got to cut my hair shorter to get better ventilation effect....heee Cheers................Need to cool my head during hot sun run

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