Friday, September 30, 2005

On my Feet again!!!

This week, I finally able to re-start my regular run after 2 months of bronchitis..... feeling good that I am on my feet again. I had 3 runs summarised below....quite a good gauge of my current fitness till the marathon on 4 dec, I will be targeting to ramp up my weekdays mileage to about 30km per week (abt 8-12km per day) and weekend will be super long runs >20km with my running kakis.....For weekdays, will be using the training strategy of either run morning, next day night and rest one day or run morning and night on the same day and rest one day....probably trying these 2 combinations for the next 2-3 weeks I will also have to juggle between runs and badminton/tennis (leg itchy cured but hand become itchy now) On Wednesday, My ASICS Cumulus VI had finally clocked the 800th km...and is still going strong...i will probably use it for weekdays short runs (<10km). Last night, I had my 3rd run of the week with my new baby: Mizuno Wave Rider 8...finally bring it out of the box after I purchased it 2 weeks back for virgin run...Had a very good run with it, I ran the same route as the one 2 days back and clocked 1min faster...this run although faster, is actually more comfortable than the first...There will be a separate posting for my review on my new baby. Here my this week summary: 26 Sep 2005 MONDAY 8.00pm Route: Pavement Run round big loop outside Bedok Reservoir via Temasek Poly Distance: 6km Time Taken : 31:34 min Average pace : 5:16 min/km Shoe: ASICS Cumulus VI 28 Sep 2005 WEDNESDAY 6.30am Route: 2 rounds Bedok Reservoir Distance: 8.6km Time Taken : 47:31 min Average pace : 5:32 min/km Shoe: ASICS Cumulus VI Lap breakdown: 1.3km for 7:39min@ 5:53min/km Shit for 5min (yes...i took a toilet 5min break) 1.1km for 5:55min@ 5:23min/km 1.9km for 10:55min@ 5:45min/km 2.4km for 13:13min@5:30min/km 1.9km for 9:47min@5:09min/km 29 Sep 2005 THURSDAY 8.30pm Route: Pavement Run round big loop outside Bedok Reservoir via Temasek Poly Distance: 6km Time Taken : 30:33 min Average pace : 5:06 min/km Shoe: MIZUNO Wave Rider 8 I should be doing my crazy overnite run with my Mizuno WR 8 this weekend...watchout for it!!! Cheers....................crazy runner on crazily(does this word exist?) good shoes

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