Saturday, October 01, 2005

My new baby Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 8

Another User Comment: Mizuno Wave Rider 8 A proven cushioned running shoe by many, A proven brand in international event. I got this shoe after more and more positive reviews by SgRunners and happened to got some vouchers for used. After Running 6km with my new baby, I was very happy and satisfied with this new pairs of new shoe I brought. Then I thought, Mizuno is the running shoe brand to watch in Singapore. The make, the feel is not worst off compared to ASICS. The only thing yet to be tested is the durability. My ASICS Cumulus VI has hit 800km and still going strong...Hope that WR8 can be as good in time to come. My feeling for this cushioned shoe is that the cushioning is soft and sufficent but yet, it is light and responsive enough. The shoe is very comfortable and it is able to hold my feet well. I have the problem of left foot bigger than right so My right shoe is feeling quite roomy at the toebox. Luckily, my right shoe lace at the toe end is actually quite loose so if I tighten the lace more, it should be very nice. By the way, last night Dasher Gerald has made his moved and joined the Mizuno WR8 usergroup...Welcome Ethanolic!!! Number of stars out of 5, I will give 4

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