Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guangzhou: Food in Up Down 9....Part 1

I try to cover as much as possible but I doubt  I have covered all I have ate in Guangzhou...Since the last posting is Up Down 9...I should start from is separated in 2 parts where part 1 will be small food an part 2 will be the 3 old and famous restaurants in Guangzhou there are all located along Down 9 Road......

Along the shopping area are also dotted with small finger food outlets like these

The Lin Lin Beef Mixed intestines is one of my favourite there

We found a food street in a small alley behind the main street shops

The Korea BBq Cuttlefish is superb!

We also saw a special store selling special food

There is this Black and White Sesame Gruel (芝麻糊). The Gruel is freshly grinded manually at the store (too excited about eating until forgot to take photo of the store)

I decided to make it more interesting

We found this delicious claypot rice near our hotel

At nite, we went out to scout for our dinner and we are spoilt for choices

colourful menus

food ordered

My is this shop speciality called the Pig Trotter Ran Mee....the store is fully park and mostly ordered this

we did went to another shop to have some double boiled soup

OK, you dun really see a lot of food photo here....because I am always busy eating and so forgot to take photo on all the food i ate..........

More food posting coming up..part 2 on the 3 famous and old

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