Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guangzhou Shopping Street: Beijing Lu

One of the popular shopping district in Guangzhou is Beijing lu (北京路) near 公园前MRT. Shopping starts right from stepping out of the station on the way to Beijing Lu. from low-tier products to mid-tier and when we reached Beijing Road, The whole road is converted from traffic road to a big and wide Pedestrian Street which they called 步行街. The whole beijing is filled with mid to high-tier branded stores, off-season outlets and shopping malls. A good street for window shopping even if there is nothing suitable to buy.

And it seems to be discount season as well, all the stores are giving out very good discounts like 1 for 1, 30-60% off....and we can really need one full day to shop here...but we din because most of the clothes are thick for winter wear....the shoes are leather boots to keep the feet warm.....and the branded stuff does not seems to be as cheap as Singapore....but we know, our next shopping destination is even more exciting than here..........

We went there twice. once on the first night to experience the crowd and atmosphere and second day to find a popular eatery shop called 银记肠粉 ( will post about it later).

The night street is beautiful with bright and red lanterns and colourful billboard and shop front.

Can see how wide is the pedestrian street and it needs to be wide because of the crowd.

But something really get me interested is a row of glass covered display...I thought there might be underground walkways and the glass panels is to be able to see it but it turned out to be some ancient pedestrian pavement:

Interestingly, these ancient pavement and wall foundation is only discovered in 2002 and it span the Yuan, Song and Qing Dynasties according to the tablet below:

The ancient pavement display:

A section of the ancient pavemen from teh Song Dynasty between 1127 - 1368 AD:

The next day, we went again to see the street in daylight.....still crowded

This whole buildings only sells Sports Brands like Nike, Adidas, Anta, Kangwei..It also has a off-season outlets, discount stores and a roof-top basketball court.


One of the big shopping mall along the street:

And we saw  a Coca Cola Christmas Tree but no holiday for Christmas there:


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