Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guangzhou: An island with 10 Universities

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One of the reason for going GuangZhou for Holiday is to visit my cousin who is studying in Sun-Yat_San University. We get to know each other more during his 4 month exchange with SMU last year...and This time, he volunteered to be my free tour guide to the old city....Probably the best awy to visit a place is to get the locals to bring you around.....

My cousin is in his final year of university study so I got to go this time before he Grad and might not stay in guangzhou to work....

My first 2 days in Guangzhou stayed in a hotel within the University Campus....This hotel is meant to be for visitors to the cousin managed to get some good deal so I stayed there for 2 nights paying RMB200....

This University Campus  location is one of the development by the Local Government...due to the exploding number of University Grads, the Universities find it hard to expand their current campus ground...for example, Sun-Yat-San University has Campus in 4 locations in Guangzhou.....and this one that I am in is on an Island called the University Town...which consists of 10 Universities on it....

The map of where the university is outside the main city area

The 3D map of the whole island

Zooming in to where we actually stayed, Nei Gang Village where we had our first meal, K Box is the Karaoke that we went and the School Canteen where we had our breakfast

We stayed at a hotel called Dong Yuan. It was actually converted from one of teh hostel blocks....and sandwiched in between hostel blocks for post-grads

Views from the hotel room

The hotel is a 15min walk from the MRT...very far for Singaporean Standard and we have to climb over a small hill on the way to and fro from it...

mrt entrance

along the way from MRT to our Hotel


Everyday as we walked out to the MRT, we will see a air Balloon flying past with advertisement on it

a road sign in the campus

There are 4 canteens near to our Hotel and we had breakfast at Canteen number 1 for both days

Canteen 3 and 4

Inside the Canteen

and our breakfast

and the reason why we ate at Canteen 1 for both days because of this famous dumpling which has to queue for 30min to get it....everyday long queue because of this..and is very very GOOD!

We also tried the small Pork un which is not as power as the dumpling

I also have other cousins studying in other universities in Guangzhou and also one working at Dongguan which is beside Guangzhou....we took this chance to meet up for dinner and a round of K BOX (not related to the K Box we have here)


and it cost us RMB$165 for a big room for 10 pax including drinks.....that is about SGD$3.40!!!!!!

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