Saturday, January 23, 2010

Guangzhou: Pearl River Night River Cruise

The night river cruise is stated often in tour guides. So what so special about this pearl river, in the past when air and land transport are not so developed, water transport is one of the most important transportation means.

A lot of important history of Guangzhou involved Pearl river. The most famous or important Jetty along Pearl river is the Tian Zhi Ma Tou where famous People of Guangzhou board their ship to other part of China or overseas.

As Guangzhou develops, Buildings spurs up along the 2 shores and decorations at night becomes a unique scene along the river. Efforts has been done to beautify the night scene along the river especially at the swam lake which is the interception of 2 rivers at the U-turn point of the cruise.

Our cruise stated just outside the North Gate of Sun-Yat-San University and it will move towards the western direction and U-turn at the intersection of 2 rivers and back to the SYSU Jetty

A pano view of the river

Our Boat, we paid for the most expensive roof-top seats


The sky turned dark and this is our boat

Other more expensive boats


Leaving the North Gate of SYSU

Scene along the cruise

These private condo is once the 2nd most expensive in whole China

and here we are back to the start point

And we got a BIG Surprise!!

The whole place around the North Gate turned into a Dance Floor!!!

Behind the North Gate got several other groups of dancers

And there we are at the end of the 90 minutes cruise down the Pearl River....................
More coverage on Guangzhou tour coming up

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