Monday, February 01, 2010

Guangzhou: Food in Up Down 9 Part 2....the 3 old and famous

Anyone who visit Guangzhou must visit one of these 3 old and famous Restaurants for authentic Canton Cuisines. These 3 are conveniently located in Down 9 Road.

The most expensive and largest is Guangzhou Jiu Jia which has several branches around Guangzhou City.

The one which is the most popular and ranked highest in terms of taste is this beautiful restaurant called Tao Tao Ju. We were there at 3pm trying to take a queue for afternoon tea and there are 39 in the queue in front of us

The least popular of the 3 is called Lian Xiang Lou. We got queue number 2 after failing to wait for a table at Tao Tao Ju so we had afternoon tea in this. We did not went for the other 2 after considering that the the food will be almost the same although taste might be different

beautiful and grand interior

The basic YouTiao..Not as crispy as the one we find in Singapore but definitely more flour and heavier

Chicken Feet


egg tart

fried carrot cake

The famous Canton Roast Pigeon

Yam paste

This durian pastry is famous in this restaurant and is good

Tang Bao

Forgot what bao is this GOOOD!

forgot what is this

This is common here at home

until now, I still dun get what is this but this is unique and delicious


 at nite

We went back Lian Xiang Lou bakery to get the local food to bring home

And we saw some interesting chicken pastry

and also for wedding ones

Coming up..other food in Guangzhou................

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Zabrina said...

Thank you for sharing your food blog journey at Guang Zhou. I was born and raised there, but living in America for long. Looking at your blog takes me right back at home. I'll go visit all these restaurants you've listed next time I go back, hopefully before the end of this year.


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