Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guangzhou: Hotel at Up 9 Road

2 nights in the University Island is quite inconvenient to come out to the main city of guangzhou so on the 3rd night, we shifted our Barang Barang to within a shopping area called ShanXiaJiu...direct translation is Up Down Nine. The name comes about because of the whole shopping area consisted of 2 road called the Up 9 Road and Down 9 Road. The Central part of the shopping area where the 2 road meets, it was converted to pedestrian walk way and there is a central plaza where all the activities will be held.

Click to see bigger map of the area

UpDown 9 area is situated in what they called the Old Guangzhou area. The whole road or area consisted of old houses called the QiLou converted to shop houses and shopping buildings. The shops here consisted of plenty of food and drinks, old and famous restaurants of  Guangzhou and goods are mainly low-tier off season of factory rejects and also odd sizing clothes to common middle tier brands like Baleno, Giordano and IP Zone.....We realy love walking and shopping here because of the wide range of goods and also prices here are bargainable or are already at very good discount.

I got a pair of Lacoste Jean for SGD$13, Armani long sleeze tee for SGD$4...we found a shop selling socks at SGD$0.40 and these socks consisted of brands like adidas, nike, puma, wilson and the quality are as good as those selling at >$10 per pair here. We got a pair of leather boots for SGD$10 and we saw thermal wear selling at RMB$5 for top and bottom........we walked up and down the whole are 4 times and everytimes, we will discovered something new and food.....food is plenty along the way and you will never get hungry.....

Anyway, we found our hotel at Up 9 Road towards the end of the shopping area. The Hotel chain called JiaMei

We got the room at the highest 7th level...and Views from our hotel is the old shop houses of Up 9 Road

Guangzhou is developing fast and we can see a lot of New High-Rise building at the backdrop of old building

The location of the hotel is superb mainly because right in front downstair is my favourite Cheong Fun shop (coming in later blog)

Next coming up is more on  Up Down 9...........

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