Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guangzhou: Up Down 9 Shopping Area

The Up down 9 consisted of Up 9 Road, a stretch of pedestrian walk that was converted from road and the Down 9 Road where the 3 old and famous restaurants(Will blog in another post) are situated.

Early in the morning, the empty street of Up 9 Road, notice the old houses at the 2 sides of the road

The main activity square of Up Down 9

The Pedestrian Street shopping Area

The yellow signboard shop is our Bee Cheong Hiang Bak Kwa

Road Junction at Down 9 Road

Pizza Hut in China

Bao Hua Road which is just off Down 9 Road is also a bustling Street

One of the famous Shop in Up Dow 9...early morning alrady very crowded with long queue

In the Night, the whole shopping street is also very beautiful!!!

Next coming up.....FOOD in Guangzhou...what did we ate there?

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