Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guangzhou: Sun-Yat-San University

Sun-Yat-San University

Founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, SYSU is the top university in Guangdong province. As I mentioned that my cousin is in his final year in this University, having him as the tour guide will not be without a visit to the iconic main campus ground.

The Main Gate to the University is the North Gate that faced the Pearl River and the South Gate entrance has a MRT station just stone throw away(Click on map below to see bigger Map)

The plan is to take MRT and enter by the Southen Gate and walk thru the main Axis that run from the South to the North and ends the tour at the North Gate. Find a place for Dinner and embark the night Cruise along Pearl river just outside the North Gate.

The South gate entrance:

Visitor Map of the whole campus

The pavement that run from South to North lined with Old Trees

The School Motto and Badge

The Southern Part of the campus were made up of older buildings


Chinese Styled Campus like to have Status of important person

Such a Old Campus is not without its Haunted buildings and below is one of them. Legend says that This building is supposed to be for remembering Sun-Yat-San by bury his clothes here but the one who built this went to buried his daughter and caused this building to be haunted afetr that. Anyone walkig up the main stairways to the main door will find that the number of steps does not tally when he/she comes down.
Another legends says about the 16 status line-up at the entrance. Anyone who see the faces of all the status and read the tag that about them that is attached to the base will have nightmare of how each of them died.

The centre of the Campus is a long Garden where the Status of Sun-Yat-San is situated:



The building at the Northern End of the Central Garden belongs to the Business Adminitration School which is the former Ling Nan University (Sun Yat San University took over the University)


Other Campues Buildings for the different Schools


The School Badge near the North Gate

The Northern Gate from the South (from inside the Campus)

From the Pearl river Frontal

The Deco for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou

The Western View of the Pearl River from just outside the North Gate

The Eastern View that see the TV Tower

Beautiful Flower

The upcoming entry will cover the Night Cruise along Pearl River starting just outside the North Gate

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