Saturday, January 23, 2010

Guangzhou: The Metro or MRT System

Traveling within Guangzhou is very convenient because of its MRT network. No complicated and most of the attractions or shopping area are within walking distance from the entrance. And there are extensive underground shopping street in some of the stations in the shopping areas.

There are currently 5 lines, the 5th line just started operation on 28 Dec 2009, 4th day of our Guangzhou tour

The cost of train ride can be up to RMB$10 for single trip but if using stored value card, each trip is just RMB$2 (SGD$0.40). So on the first day, we went to top up RMB$50 and end of the trip, we still got 7-8 trips left.

Ticket self-help counters

They also ahve this kind which can topup using credit cards

The entrance barrier same as what we have

typical crowd at the platform

I must say, the stations are very clean and the whole system is more comfortable than what we have locally, the signages are easy to read and we can easily ask any staff for help if we are confused with the direction.

But one thing is the operation ends quite early for some lines.....there is one line that ends at 10.30PM......

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