Thursday, December 27, 2007

X-country in the concrete jungle

Bored at work...not here nor there....i was thinking what to do after in the abnormal way....something i saw this indian old man did in my neighbourhood...i should try that

someone might rain after work cos yesterday was too good a day.....looking at the sky...looks promising....last to left office...was playing warbook actually after office hour...slacker

sky looks great....but but but.....i stepped out of buangkok MRT...raindrops keep falling on my head (sounds familiar?)....drizzle came and the sky is not dark at all....some high clouds tat is all..took out my umbrella as everyone on the road dashing towards shelter....but once i reached my was dry again...

Changed up and head out to the road.....Doing the abnormal way....instead of running on the concrete pavement, I went only to the grass patch between the pedestrian pavement and the road....something good abt buangkok field is that the drainage for the road longkang is not i can run continously for one loop without any problem except for busstop and MRT station, got to run on the hard fact, the grss patch here is quite wide for running for most stretch

Running on grass is not easy, i purposely wore adizero CS without support...grass is soft but uneven...u nvr know what is under it....u cannot push off like normal...lifting up using the POSE is the good way....good for strengthening the ankles..u got to be focus on where u going to step and the potholes and obstacles ahead......i went for any easy pace for 3 rounds....average about 6min/km pace....

2km - 12:10min@6:05min/km

2km - 12:21min@6:10min/km

2km - 11:42min@5:51min/km

Felt so good and fact, all the pain and aches are gone after the run....and muscles felt much better than before the run.....hopefully, i did not run over any dog poo or kill any snails in the process

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