Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas present: Ending a one year search for the red shorts

2 years ago at MR25 ultramarathon, I was wearing my adidas red running top and bottom.....except for my shirt which gave me nipple abrasion at abt 70km, my running shorts proved to be perfect for my running....causing no tight abrasion at all.....so far this is the only shorts that give me abrasion free run especially during wet weather....

Unfortunately, the rubber lining of the innner wear for the red shorts got wore out and disintegrated and broke..this caused the inner wear to cause abrasion to my tight during my run....so i downgraded this to sleeping shorts....and begin to search for the same short to replace it....

It was on 23 dec evening....I happened to be in the north and went to northpoint shopping centre (a place which i went for less than 5 times in my life)...i decided to went into RSH for a look and suddenly, this red short caught my eye...looking at the size and price...my life brighten up!!! Grab it after trying it on and went home a happy man

The original Red adidas running shorts


The new response spilt running shorts

Photobucket Photobucket

Going at 30% off original price


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