Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good weather intervals 5x600m

A rare morning when I woke up...sun shining brightly outside the window....i thought rain might come in the afternoon...but it did not...even until after work

The server is running damn click too >1min to i decided to slip out of office earlier....a minute before official time off..managed to catch an early bus and reached home at 6.50pm and got out of my home at 7pm sharp

Went a bit fast on the warm up run to the stadium...took 2min faster than usual....i broughta long 2 water bottles so that I can place one at he 200m I decided to do 5x600m at about 2:30min for every run....4min set of run and rest i took < 19min to complete my run....stretch and cool down and i am home by 8.30pm....






A good run overall with sustainable effort....4th run then started to warm up my engine and i decided to stop at 5 when my throat threshold was reached....

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