Monday, December 10, 2007

Vertical sweat with heavy lactic acids......

Rain....comes everyday without fail

Reached home with a surprised stop to the rain.....but i decided against running to the wet flood i sticked to my wet weather plan for today.....go vertical

did a 10min slow jog before i attempt to do a 2steps climb up 15 floors....first one was OK...lactic acid came at 12floor

took 3min to let my breathing calm down before the 2nd one.....leg warmed up and went a bit fast....lactic acid came at 10 floor

took another 3minn rest for the last one.......fresh legs for first 5 floors but lactic came at 8th!!! struggled to a slower time...enough for the day:

15 floors:1:34min


15 floors:1:31min


15 floors:1:39min

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